Kite with us!

At SOURCE Kiteboarding, we have been kitesurfing since the inception of the sport about 17 years ago, and have travelled the world kiting all of the best spots. With many years of experience in the management of kitesurfing schools, and with many years of teaching experience as well, you can depend on learning with a real professional ; you are in safe hands with us!

From October 2020 - The brand new North Kiteboarding range of kite equipment for 2021


  • Learn from qualified instructors, using the latest and safest equipment, at a pace that suits you

  • Get the best advice and tips on how to improve and, in time, become an independent kiteboarder

  • Experience the passion, dedication and commitment of the SOURCE kiteboarding team, we love our sport!!


Don't expect to be able to fly over the moon or beat the speed of sound after your first lesson, but we will give you a solid base from which to progress, and the skills and knowledge to start your kiteboarding journey! 

  • Learn about wind direction & conditions for kite surfing

  • Safety, spot assessment & wind window

  • Flying the trainer kite 

  • Understanding the depower system 

  • Equipment set up & description

  • First taste of flying an inflatable kite  

  • Downwind body dragging

  • Feedback & plan for progression


The best way to get a taste of kite surfing if you're new to the sport! 

Semi Private* $135
Private $150


  • Refresh your kite skills and knowledge 

  •  Spot assessment and description

  • Become secure and confident on a new spot, and enjoy your riding more


  • Learn something new!

  • Progress to strapless wave riding 

  • Perfect your jumping and freestyle skills 


Progress and improve your kite skills 

Private $100
  • Continued body dragging practice (downwind & upwind) 

  • Launch & land techniques

  • Introduction to water start (getting up on the board)

  • Learn the right of way rules on the water

  • Riding upwind

  • Kite in both directions

  • Review of safety and wind conditions

  • Tips and techniques for further progression


Become an independent kite surfer at Source

Semi Private* $500
Private $550

*Semi Private : 2 students in the lesson, each with their own kite. 

Abilities and skills required:

A basic level of fitness

Be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water

Have a minimum of patience and give a bit of credit to yourself :)


Why travel with your equipment, when you can just hire when you get here:


  • Experience the latest kitesurfing equipment

  • Get the right size kite & board for the conditions

  • Avoid airport baggage fees

  • No kitesurf storage problems

  • Get a multi site deal

  • Get freedom to travel


Here at SOURCE, we offer the latest Northkb gear and everything you need to have a great kite session...

  • Kite 

  • Board (twin tip or surf)

  • Harness, helmet & flotation vest

  • Beach boy assistance

  • Compressor 

  • Equipment change available  

Half Day Rate 2.5h
Daily Rate
Weekly Rate

Rental conditions:


  • You must  prove competency on site (be able to ride upwind, lanch and land by yourself, understand safety and rights of way on the water).

  • The kitesurfer must agree to the terms and conditions applied on the disclaim form.

  • We give FREE assistance on the beach and provide rescue if required.